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Where's Woola Collection

Where's Woola Collection

Where's Woola Collection is inspired by Woola's 3-night adventure after she ran away from our house sitter. Luckily our story ended happily, and this collection is a celebration of her crazy time in the wild (well, the suburbs, anyways lol).


Cute sticker designs are included with every order.



Snuggle Buddies: A variegated colorway of purple, pink with hints of yellow and orange. Pairs perfectly with all 3 tonals in this collection. Inspired by Woola and June's reunion because we could not imagine living with one without the either.


Scramble through some brambles: A variegated colorway of green and teal with hints of pink and brown. It pairs perfectly with Tender Paws and Foggy Mornings tonals. Inspired by my video when we found Woola in some blackberry bushes, explaining how I got to her... "I just scrambled through some brambles" was a popular phrase our friends and family loved.


Tender Paws: A perfect pink tonal inspired by Woola's poor little tender paws after walking around exploring for 3 nights.


June, The Howling Hero: A soft orange tonal inspired by June, Woola's little sister, who helped me find Woola by howling in the forest to pinpoint where her sister was located.


Foggy Mornings: A simple grey tonal inspired by the many hours spent searching for Woola during Astoria's foggy mornings.


Streetlight: A black, grey, and UV-reactive yellow that glows under a black light. Inspired by our house sitter's struggle to catch Woola after she ran away. Woola kept running down the hill in our neighborhood and was seen several times under streetlights before running off again into the darkness. Our amazing house sitter suggested the colorway idea and searched day and night with us to find Woola. Only available in Sock, Fingering, DK, and Worsted weights due to the nature of dip dye.

  • Dyed-to-order yarn takes 4 to 6 weeks to be dyed up and sent out. If you order a non-pre-order item with your pre-order, it will all be shipped out simultaneously. Please make separate purchases if you want non-pre-order items shipped sooner.

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